Hullbeck Bay

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In the outskirts of Limsa Lominsa. An arts haven, and the official area for refined parties and vacations that wouldn’t fit the beach party feel of Costa del Sol. Equipped with an outdoor amphitheater overlooking the sea, as well as a small chateau (a museum of Eorzean arts and history). Everything is very expensive, and all the people here are extremely well-to-do (if not nobility).

A small modest stone house is the administrative home base (which organizes all events occurring in town), which is attached to a Yellowjacket outpost.

A row of luxury shops and hotels line one side of town. There is also access to a large beach with food stands and other comforts. The residents of those who live here are dotted in this hills nearby.

Not bustling, but relaxed. The price of everything keeps things from getting crowded.