Izuna Kurogane

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M Au Ra. 28 years old. 6'5". 220 lbs.


Black Mage


Comes from a middle-class somewhat famed family of blacksmiths. We are a very close-knit and happy family who loves to help people around us. I grew up not well-off but having enough for our small nuclear family, I am particularly fond of my younger sister Misuzu who is 2 years younger. Our family's secret is that we use a magic fire in our forge, the last remnant of our legacy as the last descendants of a family of black mages who have a particular affinity for fire. I have a strong affinity for fire and I'm obsessed with learning magic and recovering the ultimate fireball spell that our ancestors were said to have possessed. My family disapproves of my obsession with magic because they are afraid that I will return to our destructive ways in the distant past. I love my family especially my little sister but I continue to learn magic from the last few books left over from our ancestors.I find a reference that makes me suspect that this ultimate fireball spell has something to do with the dragons and I resolve to set out to recover this spell despite the disapproval of my family. I meet Kikkuman Udon a friend of my sister who is intent on finding dragons after the dragon attack and I offer to go with her to help her but also to find dragons...