Kikkoman Udon

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F Au Ra. 27 years old. 5'0". 155 lbs. Light pink scales and blonde/green hair.




I was a fashion design/ weaver student at Raen University. What I wanted in life was to design nice clothes and hang out with fashionista friends. One day a dragon came and smote the university and a few neighboring houses. I became determined to pick up spells so that I can become powerful enough to confront the dragon and also rebuild the university in my name (kikkoman university). On my journey to Ishgard, I meet Izuna Kurogane and he is heading to the same place to find the dragon, so we begin to travel together.

Her family accidentally stole a dragon's egg due to an irresponsible servant who bought it on the black market while in Ishgard, which caused a dragon to come and destroy her hometown. She had to keep the dragon egg a secret because her family didn't want it to be found out by others and to be blamed for the attack. As a result, she secretly took the egg to try and find the dragon who was looking for it, intending to return it to her in exchange for the safety of her family. She found the mother dragon, but the mother was dying, and after an attack by a mysterious man, asks Kikko to keep it safe from the Cult of Black Fire.