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The Campaign

In the distant land of Eorzea, a mysterious book called Midgardsomr’s Tome has suddenly appeared again the public eye, drawing crowds of interested people from all over the land to an oceanside tourist town on the outskirts of Limsa Lominsa. Some, like a Miqo'te heiress and her knight, are simply there to see the artifact that has been talk of the town. Others, like a humble popoto farmer and his nature-loving friend, seek to learn about the rumored place of origin, the Great Gubal Library. Still others, like an aspiring black mage and a vengeful daughter of the Au Ra, want to learn more about dragonkind and the magic a book like this might hold. 

But dark eyes, with dark intentions, watch Midgardsomr's Tome.

Six strangers meet a young girl tied whose fate is tied to this book. As she struggles to figure out why her grandfather abandoned her to steal the Tome away, the party works together to help her learn the truth -- and find answers to their own quests in the process.

Latest Session Journal Entry

The party finds themselves facing a portal to the Void, surrounded by mysterious cats that are appearing out of the portal one by one, and with one of they party members, Katalina, inside the portal, led there by one of the cats. Read more

The Party