Midgardsomr's Tome

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Midgardsomr's Tome is a mysterious book written in an unknown language that some scholars think is a written form of draconic speech, and said to have once been on the shelves of the legendary Great Gubal Library. This is a historically significant item because dragons are not known to have a written form for their language, and thus the book could reveal lots of knowledge from pre-history, if anyone could read it!
It has recently been put up on exhibition after its discovery in the storehouses of a recently deceased noble, whose estate donated it to the Museum of the Crimson Fleet, which is located in Hullbeck.
It is a leatherbound book in an unusual indigo color, with gold accents decorating the cover. There is some sort of unrecognizable script written in a circle, and in the center of the circle of script is the crude shape of a dragon.