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DM only notes


You all happened to travel here by the same chocobo caravan, and it became pretty clear that the 6 of you were the only ones that were out of place (except for Elsie and Kikko, who blend in a bit more), as the rest of the caravan was made up of well-to-do folk from the higher end parts of Limsa Lominsa. This came in handy, as the caravan was shortly accosted by an angry but small band of Sahagin, and you 6 being armed and having healing powers, saved the day. You are all here to visit an artifact: Midgardsomr's Tome, which is extremely unusual and rare in that it is written in an unknown language that some scholars think is a written form of draconic speech, and said to have once been on the shelves of the legendary Great Gubal Library. This is a historically significant item because dragons are not known to have a written form for their language, and thus the book could reveal lots of knowledge from pre-history, if anyone could read it! It has recently been put up on exhibition after its discovery in the storehouses of a recently deceased noble, whose estate donated it to the Museum of the Crimson Fleet, which is located in Hullbeck Bay.

After spending the night in one of the inns, the next morning, you finally emerge into the small village. Sailboats cruising lazily in the calm waters of the bay. It’s sunny, a little chilly due to the breeze. To the left, a line of shops being perused by rich vacationers. Right behind the line of shops, is a a very beautiful but small chateau, sitting atop a cliff overlooking the ocean nearby. Right ahead is some sort of office, with a few Yellowjacket guards posted in front, but they’re relaxedly chatting with each other and occasionally smiling and waving to passersby. Behind that is a beach as well as a small outdoor amphitheater.


  • A guard walks over and welcomes the party and asks if they need help finding anything in town.
  • The party goes over to the amphitheatre to see what's happening, as there's a sizeable crowd there.
  • They see a pair of performers: Bedardoux and Godrigeant. Godrigeant is conjuring up illustrative images as Bedardoux dramatically recounts the events of the Calamity.
  • The mage seems to stop and fidget with his wand, as if he's having trouble with the spell.
  • Elsie touches the mage to try and help him, and it's really awkward.
  • TODO Izuna did something here? I forgot
  • Party heads over to the museum with Bedardoux and Godrigeant.
  • As they enter, they see Scribzahr, the museum director, discussing something intently with one of the Yellowjacket guards. He's concerned about the safety of the book. A group of Elezen nobles are loitering in the lobby.
  • As the party tries to enter the gallery, the Yellowjacket that was getting yelled at rushes over and asks for tickets. Tickets are 10000 gil each.
  • Elsie manages to convince the guard that her family, the L'fey's, can be billed for the cost. The party enters.
  • Party witnesses the tome in a glass case. The scholar starts talking about how awesome it is when all the lights in the building goes dark, and an explosion scatters and injures people in the room. The hole made by the explosion lets light stream in, and the party sees that the Tome is gone, the scholar is gone, and the mage is injured and on the ground, and catches of glimpse of Sahagin leaving the scene. A young woman with a sword at her side appears next to Godrigeant and is concerned for him.
  • She introduces himself as Katalina and explains she was trying to surprise her grandfather, Bedardoux, by meeting him here.
  • Party stabilizes Godrigeant and Katalina leads the way to a nearby Sahagin hideout.
  • The entrace of the hideout is guarded by two Sahagin. TODO party cast sleep on them, and killed one, I think?
  • Path splits once they get inside. The left path leads to a pool of water, and the right path leads to a cave with a gelatinous orb. They leave it alone (TODO ?) and Kyria dives in the water and sees that there is a passage.
  • The party makes it through the underwater passage and emerges into a large cave with a high ceiling. This area has three other pools, not including the one they came out of. On the other side of the room is another entrance to the outside. And scattered around the cave are the remains of boats and rafts.
  • Katalina sees Bedardoux with a couple of Sahagin and calls out to him. Bedardoux and the Sahagin all run away from the party. A Sahagin priest and 3 other Sahagin attack the party. The priests uses its Wand of Paralysis on Katalina and one of the Sahagin grabs her and dives into one of the pools.
  • Party defeats the enemies, with Katalina climbing out of the pool at the end and landing a final blow.
  • They rush out of the cave to see Bedardoux sitting in a boat with a few Sahagin, who run away at the sight of the party. He calls out to them and Katalina is confused.
  • Bedardoux summons a Void portal, reveals that he has the Tome, and apologizes to Katalina. He steps through and clsoes the portal behind him. An Arcana check shows that the portal spell is beyond what he should know, even as a scholar.
  • Party returns, stopping by the gelatinous cube room as they leave and finding a Ring of Free Action and some gil.
  • Katalina is shocked, but asks if the party will join her at The Hidden Owl in Limsa Lominsa.
  • They meet Poponu and find out that The Hidden Owl is an adventuring company started by Bedardoux. The building used to be a tavern, but was repuposed as an adventuring company headquarters.
  • The party joins The Hidden Owl. Yay!