Session 2017/02/12

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The party spends some time getting used to being in an adventuring company and living at The Hidden Owl.


  • With some free time in Limsa Lominsa, the characters split up to pursue different goals.
    • Izuna: goes to a library to read up on Bedardoux. Learns that he's an accomplished scholar, and that he was credited with understanding the nature of the Dragonsight Gem.
    • Kikko: TODO something about Katalina?
    • Goldyna: TODO I wrote something about "drinking" in my notes
    • Kyria: asks around town about her missing swordmaster. TODO learns something about her holy pendant
    • Koto: goes to see some botanical gardens and makes some friends
    • Someone: goes to a local magic item store and finds that it has been closed for a few months. The door is unlocked and the party looks around. It looks absolutely empty. The guards who were guarding the store come back and ask them what is happening, and the party lies and tells them they thought the store was open since it was unlocked. The guards tell them to go home.
  • The party learns that the adventuring company that lived before them died in a previous job.
  • Godrigeant spends his time avoiding the party. The party finds that he's crying in his room, and Kyria eavesdrops on him.
  • The party bakes him a surprise Rolanberry Cake and he takes it, surprised, and a little suspicious, but is cheered up a little.