Session 2017/03/12

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  • A Lalafell named Wajeri Dajeri arrives at The Hidden Owl and asks them for an escort for himself and his goods, saying he say Elsie's ad in town. This adventuring group is the cheapest and not very well known, so it was perfect for his secretive job.
  • He mentions that he and his two brothers found something big, but doesn't want to say what it is yet.
  • Katalina accompanies Wajeri first as an escort, while the rest of the party is to follow with supplies to bring to a location near Gridania.
  • Before they leave, Poponu pats Koto on the shoulder and asks him to take care of Katalina.
  • They take a ferry across the mainland and drive a chocobo-driven cart to the instructed location.
  • As they turn around a bend in the road around noon, they find 2 dead chocobos lying in the road with black arrows sticking out of them. The cart next to them is broken and looks to have been roughly looted.
  • Kyria investigates and finds they've been dead for about a day. Their saddlebags have been looted, but an empty leather map case and a notebook with unintelligible technical gibberish remain.
  • At this time, two goblins attack from the nearby brush.
  • They defeat the goblins, capturing one of them and interrogates him. He says that they were commanded to keep people away from the hideout but refuse to give up any information about their leader. When pressed, the goblin mentions The Black Spider was the one that hired them. They tell the party that a Lalafell and a girl was taken to the hideout.
  • They follow his instructions to the hideout, and after navigating a rope trap and some more goblins, they arrive at a cave with a shallow stream coming out of the entrance.
  • They wade across the stream in a hurry to save their friend, and arrows start flying out of the thick brush near the cave. A small battle ensues where they defeat the goblins who had been hiding as lookouts in the brush.