Session 2017/04/23

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  • The party enters Cragmaw Cave, the goblin hideout! As they enter, they come across a few wolves which are tied up
  • Someone throws the wolves some meat and they sneak around them as they gobble up food
  • Koto releases one of the wolves TODO I forget why here
  • The cave gets colder and darker as they go further into the cave
  • They make their way through the cave, after the goblins trigger the water trap, and manage to make their way to Burntrix the Mighty, leader of this particular squad of goblins
  • They defeat him, and learn that "the Lalafell was shipped off a while ago and that the girl is in the Eating Cave in the hideout"
  • In Burntrix's room, they find some supplies marked with the emblem of the Twin Adder, about 11,000 gil, 2 potions of healing, and a jade statuette in the shape of a frog with golden orbs for eyes
  • The party makes their way to another part of the hideout, where they find Katalina who has been stripped of her armor and weapons, a large goblin named Stabnix is commanding his fellow goblins to work on an old rusted over mammet that he is trying to turn into a weapon to fight. However, it’s obvious some sort of older model, butler/housekeeping mammet.
  • The party basically plays Stabnix for the mammet and for Katalina, and they leave without incident.
  • They learn from Katalina that Wajeri and his two brothers found the entrance to the long-lost Mak-Tara Cave, which used to house a legendary magical forge that was in operation a few centuries ago. Someone named the Black Spider wanted the map and Wajeri and took them to Cragmaw Castle.
  • She also learned about a magical item merchant that worked with Bedardoux that moved to Quarrymill, but hadn't been seen in a while.
  • The party shows her the book they picked up (with the unintelligible technological/math writings inside). She doesn't know what that is.
  • The party makes their way back out of the hideout and onward to Quarrymill, a small frontier town surrounded with wooden walls, with wooden buildings built on top of older stone ruins.
  • The party pauses in a little alleyway, then makes their way to the local inn/tavern, but as they do, they notice a bunch of the townspeople quickly running into buildings away from a commotion at the other end of town.
  • 5 bandits in red capes are bullying a new traveller in town, a sailor-looking vaguely nautical man they find out is named Skippy.
  • A fight ensues, and the party leaves the dead bandits' bodies in the street :P
  • Skippy mentions he's here looking for a notebook he dropped, and the party gives it to him. He is very secretive about what it's for and where he's from.
  • They go back to the inn, and a woman, Trilena, welcomes them to Stonehill Inn.
  • The party learns about the Redbelly Bandits who have been terrorizing the town for about a month. The Sleeping Giant, a tavern on the other side of town, is one of their hangouts. She estimates that there are about 50 - 100 of them. Sometimes they recruit adventurers who are looking for work.
  • I forget why (was it to hide the bodies?), but Skippy goes on a sneaking mission back to the Redbellies' bodies lying on the other side of town. He manages to sneak up to the bodies successfully while other Redbellies arrive once they notice something's wrong, and pretends to be a dead body before stabbing the new Redbelly in the face. He takes a red cape, sword, 2000 gil, and an alumninum drinking tin from the dead bodies before retreating.
  • The other party members are looking for more information. They ask if any new Lalafells have been seen in town, but the townspeople only know about the Dajeri brothers recent whereabouts.
  • The party visits the Twin Adder outpost in town, where they tell the officer posted there about the supplies they saw in the Cragmaw Hideout. She thanks them for the information and pays them 10000 gil.
  • They then drop off the wagon of supplies at the general store, meeting an older balding Elezen man named Elmar Barthen. From him, they learn about a weird peddling expensive goods that showed up about a month ago.
  • They go out of town and discover Deals on Wheels, an extremely lavish wagon, and meet Garfield and learn about his system of discounts for blood or for secrets. They buy some stuff here (A Lore Axe, Scuttle Buddy, and linkpearls)
    • Garfield mentions that Katalina looks familiar, though she has no idea what he's talking about.
  • Back at the inn, they meet Pip, the young son of the innkeeper, who has a secret to tell them. He tells them about the finding the entrance to the Redbelly Hideout -- there's a door in the stone foundation of the abandoned manor outside of town. He mentions that his friend got captured by the Redbellies (a local woodcarver was murdered, and his wife, son, and daughter went missing).
  • Pip leads the party to the entrance, and after some arguing, they manage to persuade him to go back by giving him a linkpearl.
  • Koto uses the Lore Axe to talk to the nearby plants and confirms that a few people came in this way to this entrance.
  • Inside the hideout, they enter a cellar-ish room lined with stone, with various things lying around. The area is lit with oil lamps, and there is a large cistern is slowly flowing water.