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  • They open a door to find a small armory, where they find some empty beds and about 12 dirty red cloaks hanging on hooks inside. They all take one and put them on.
  • They find a secret door, which leads to a hybrid stone area that links to a natural cavern area ahead. They also find some crates, and looking inside don't find anything too useful. 30 board hides and about 2000 gil per person.
  • Two Redbellies come by, mentioning that it's "feeding time". In tow are a crying and scaring young girl and woman. The bandits discuss who should be fed, as the party jumps out to try and stop them. The Redbelly holding the girl throws her into the crevasse, and they make a run for it.
  • Kyria feels an evil presence and clacking noises in the dark. A cold breeze carries the scent of decaying flesh.
  • A [[1]] appears! A large creature with a hard shell, basically a 7 foot lobster with a tentacle mouth. It makes a garbled noise and Kyria can tell it is extremely hungry.
  • The party attacks! Izuna becomes poisoned and paralyzed after being grabbed by one of its pincers.
  • Kyria attacks and chops off its pincers, and Izuna falls to the ground then bounces into the crevasse.
  • After defeating the Chuul, Izuna and party takes care of the girl, but not before looking around the bottom of the crevasse and discovering a small chest with 136000 gil + some gemstones and a +1 longsword with the inscription "Talon" and a hilt worked in the shape of a bird of prey.
  • They find a room that appears to be a wizard's workshop. The books in here are standard magical tomes, but one is a journal describing the history of Mak-Tara Cave and the Forge of Spells, and how it was a key part in the prosperity and fall of the Underground City of Gelmorra. It describes how the activity in the cave awakened an unnamed threat that caused a big battle that in turn destroyed the cave and caused its location to be lost. The last known artifacts made in the Forge where Lightbringer, a hammer blessed by Byregot, and a tablet commissioned by visitors from an icy land that contains draconic script.
  • A mouse appears before the party, then disappears.
  • Before moving forward, they use Detect Thoughts on whoever is inside the next room, and they learn that he's thinking "I need to get out of here" and is afraid of disappointing his boss.
  • As they enter, they find the wooden desk is scattered and a hidden door in the northeast corner of the room is ajar. A partially assembled Skippy's timepiece is lying on the desk.
  • Skippy takes his timepiece, and the party catches the wizard by paralyzing him with the Wand of Paralysis.
  • They capture him and tie him up in the camp outside. Then they go back to the inn to return the girl to safety.
  • Pip is overjoyed they've found his friend, and Trilena hurries to get her medical care and rest.
  • The girl mentions that her brother was taken away to be a slave.
  • Back at camp, they ask Iarno to put the watch back together. He says he can, if they untie him and promise not to turn him over to the authorities.
  • They ask Skippy when he last saw the timepiece, and he mentions that he had taken it to be repaired at a magical shop in Limsa Lominsa, by the shopkeeper had run off with it and disappeared. The timepiece is of Allagan origin and is an heirloom that was passed down to him.
  • The party rolls insight and learns that Iarno can't fix the timepiece and that he was planning to run away, so they don't untie him.
  • They discuss whether to bring him to the authorities or to offer to protect him.
  • They learn that Iarno is a wizard that works for The Black Spider, and was the one that made the Chuul monster (or summoned it).
  • Skippy sneaks back into the Redbelly hideout and rescues the young girl's mother by picking the lock on the jail cell.
  • The rest of the party creates an explosion distraction elsewhere in the hideout and Koto blocks other Redbellies from arriving by using his dirt spell.
  • The mother is returned to the inn, where Trilena recognizes her as the woodcarver's wife and runs to get her help as well.
  • Back at camp, Goldyna works on putting the timepiece back together.