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  • The party chats throughout the night. Goldyna very kindly feeds the wizard and they share a moment.
  • Wizard says he knows where the Mak-Tara Cave is, and an insight check tells the party that he seems to be telling the truth. He points to his pocket for proof, and also mentions that Wajeri is probably dead so they shouldn't bother going after him.
  • In Iarno's pocket is a short letter from The Black Spider with instructions to meet them at Mak-Tara Cave.
  • The party formulates a plan to disguise themselves as Iarno or Redbellies and infiltrate The Black Spider's group. They leave the wizard behind with a linkpearl.
  • Following the instructions in the letter, they come across a place where the forest meets a mountain with a cavern in the side. The opening of the cavern is about doorway-sized with a small clearing surrounding it. Two goblins (Drooplix and Mugwort) standby, and they let them in after thinking that they are associates of The Black Spider.
  • They continue in and find what looks like was the Dajeri brothers' camp, with one recently dead Lalafell (Kojeri). Koto checks the body and finds a pair of enchanted boots. One of the goblins from before asks if he can have it, and Koto, fearing the boots might be cursed in some way, lets him put it on. The goiblin starts runnign around super fast.
  • A large pit is head, but there is a wooden bridge pointing to one of the entrances. The party crosses into a series of stone hallways and caverns, some with walls carved with simple reliefs showing people mining and crafting. Skeletons are scattered around and some of the monsters look freshly killed. Kyria gets a super void sense tingle. The goblins with them are not sure where to go.
  • The party asks the goblins about how many people are here, and they tell them that there are about 10 - 12 goblins with a few big creatures (that the party things might be actual black spiders).
  • I think the party asks the goblins to go back and guard the entrance here?
  • The party takes the boots from the goblin, obtaining the Boots of Striding and Springing.
  • They enter a room where a number of skeletons come alive, which they defeat. They find a pile of 4000 gil in this old guard room.
  • They enter another room that looks like an office. An archaic mammet is here that welcomes them as visitors to the forge, and asks them if they'd like to pick up their order.
  • They say yes, and follow the mammet to the forge of spells, who gives them a little tour on the way, pointing out a restricted area on the right that is closed to visitors and is under development.
  • The restricted area is a cavern covered in poisonous mushrooms that release poison as people step near them.
  • The mammet goes area down another hallway, when they hear someone blow it up. The mammet's piece fly back into the hallway towards them. Sneaking ahead, they see a contingent of goblins and one tall evil looking guy. There are 2 big goblins, 8 small goblins, and 2 large mammets blocking their way further into the cave.
  • Four large spiders jump out. One is killed by a large mammet, but the other spiders soon crush and tear apart the mammets into pieces, allowing the bad guys to move in further to the cave.
  • The party decides to take another route, and find themselves in the forge room. Talking to the mammet here, they obtain the Dragonsguard, Dragon Tablet, and Lightbringer.
  • They move past this room and manage to convince The Black Spider that they are here to help, and take the Lalafells to be held captive elsewhere.
  • The brothers are relieved to be rescued, but are saddened to hear about their brothers' death. Koto returns the boots to them.