Session 2017/10/29

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The party prepares themselves to re-enter Mak-Tara cave and face The Black Spider for the final time. However, they're surprised to find themselves trapped within the cave... and that The Black Spider and his minions seem to have fallen under some sort of illness or curse causing them to have living nightmares. In the midst of the mysterious happenings around them, the party meets a friend -- a cuddly, black cat...

  • Party meets up with two Lalafell brothers to find them fighting. One of them wants revenge, while the other is trying to convince him that revenge isn't worth it and they need to just press on to keep their dream alive. Ajeri asks the party to take revenge for him. The party asks if they noticed any weaknesses, and mentions they're not sure -- but that The Black Spider was always around the spiders.
  • Party re-enters Mak-Tara cave. Kyria's void sense intensifies, much more than the last time they were in the cave.
  • Along they way, they hear sobbing in the cave and come across a box. Carefully opening it, they see Drooplix inside, sobbing and seemingly unaware of his surroundings.
  • They continue into the cave and hear a "tap tap tap" sound behind them, and discover a black cat following them.
  • Party quickly discovers the cat has mind control powers. Kikko uses Mage Hand to swipe it away.
  • They return to the cave entrance, which is blocked by a giant spider. They injure it and it runs away. The party decides to go back in the cave and push forward.
  • They come across a workmammet (the same one that helped them pick up their forge "orders") that tries to put them to bed in the old barracks room. They escape.
  • They come across The Black Spider, who has his back turned to them and is surrounded by dead bodies of goblins. There's a giant spider that they did not notice that is right next to the party as they arrive in the room, but it does nothing. The Black Spider turns to them and sees them, but doesn't seem to acknowledge them, and cries about his poor spiders and that he should have known that the cave was closed for a reason.
  • They attack the black spider but is interrupted by a black cat.
  • The party kills The Black Spider.
  • A portal to the Void is open now. They wonder if they can close the portal to the void -- and an examination of the portal shows that it is possibly powered by the structure that is inside.
  • Katalina, with mind control, jumps into the portal.
  • Izuna casts an illusion to show mice, which draws out many black cats out of the portal.