Session 2018/07/22

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  • Dragon attack! The ship has lost power and starts tilting to one side.
  • The captain and his crew rush into panicked action to try and get the ship running again. Miles runs to the engine room to try to get the emergency aether generator on so the ship can power. The captain tries to run up to the wheelhouse, but can't make it past the stairwell due to dragon AOE attacks. However, screams for help are coming from the top deck.
  • Goldyna runs to her room to look out the window, and sees three dragons fly by. She relays this information to the others. She manages to shoot the green dragon in the wing.
  • Kyria runs to a ballista on the second deck. After missing with it once, she manages to hit the black dragon and hook it to the ship.
  • Kikko also runs to her room. She uses Detect Thoughts to see what the green dragon is thinking, and learns that it and its siblings are looking for the egg in her possession and have been instructed to attack ships in the vicinity by their broodmother. She finds out that the egg is the sibling of the attacking dragons.
    • Katalina wakes up due to the attack and is super confused. When Kikko tells her what's going on, she runs to Kyria and mans the other ballista on the second deck, but ends up angering one of the dragons who rips it out of the ship.
  • Skippy heads to the captain's quarters and finds a magical key, then heads up to the deck. He heads towards the sound of the screams, finding Godiva shooting out magic blasts to try and keep the dragons away from her. He manages to crit-20 calm her down and very helpfully offers to hold her bag of treasure, then helps her untie the skiff so she can escape from the ship. She thanks "Penne" as she lifts away from the ship. One of the dragons claws the balloon of her skiff, causing her to tumble down more quickly. It's unclear whether she survived.
    • He then runs down to the secure cargo room and sees it messy and empty, realizing that Godiva had cleared all valuable items into the bag in his possession.
  • Izuna, Koto, and Shadow head up to the stairwell, seeing two more dragons up here.
    • After the red dragon blasts flame at some of the crew members that are scrambling to make it under deck and the white dragon grabs a crewmember, Koto casts a fog to give them cover from the dragons.
    • Shadow hits the white dragon with an arrow, causing it to drop the crewmember to the ground.
    • Koto casts a hypnosis spell that mesmerizes the red dragon, causing it to plummet towards the ground, and accidentally also mesmerizes Skippy, who stands in a daze marvelling about how they're flying through the sky.
    • Izuna (?) blasts the white dragon with fire, causing it to tumble to the deck. Izuna uses Mage Hand to collect a vial of blood from the dying dragon.
  • The dragons ram into the ship in a coordinated attack a few times, causing it to tumble further and further, dealing damage as the party fails Dex checks and causing a crew member to fall overboard.
  • Kikko uses magic to project her voice above the fog cloud, asking the green dragon to call off the attack in exchange for information about the lost egg. With a high persuasion roll, the dragons stop attacking. The green dragon insists that they come to their home cave to talk, but the party is reluctant.
  • Now that the deck is clear, the crewmembers rush to try and get the ship straightened out. Meanwhile, Goldyna heads to the engine room to try and help Miles with hooking up emergency power.
  • The captain rushes to the party and informs them that the ship is descending too fast and they have to abandon ship.
  • The party uses the remaining two lifeskiffs and remaining dragons to land on the nearby snowy cliffside.
  • The party demands an explanation from Kikko once they land. She explains that her family accidentally stole a dragon egg due to an irresponsible servant, which caused a dragon to come and destroy her homeland. She had to keep it a secret because she didn't want her family to be blamed for everything. The party is surprised and a little upset to hear this, as the secret caused lots of damage and injury. Kikko apologizes.
  • After some convincing, the party heads inside the cave with the green dragon (and the white dragon, who is severely injured). The other dragons, Shadow, and the crew stay outside, tending to their wounds.
    • Skippy goes into stealth mode, just in case.
    • Kyria equips Dragonguard, just in case.
  • Inside, the party meets a large broodmother dragon. Smoke and fire is billowing out of her snout and mouth. Once they light a torch, they realize that the dragon is ancient and in bad condition -- her eyes are glazed over with cataracts, and her wings are not folded in but limp at her sides, weathered and full of holes. Kikko realizes it's because of her numerous trips across the sea to Doma in order to find her lost egg.
  • Kikko convinces the broodmother to not attack their party in exchange for returning the egg to her. The dragon is overcome with emotion as she lays her head down towards the egg, nuzzling it.
  • At this time, an amused voice echoes from behind them in the cave. A mysterious man with white, neatly combed hair wearing a neat, clean suit struts into the cave and exclaims his pleasant surprise at not only finding the egg, but also "escaped goods". He demands the egg.
  • Skippy sneaks up on him, and attempts to slit his throat. The man teleports away and appears next to the egg, picking it up.
  • The party asks again who he is. The man doesn't give them his name, but mentions he's from the Cult of Black Fire.
  • When the party attacks the man, he drops the egg, summons an Aboleth, and teleports away, saying that he'll return for it when the party is feeling more friendly.
  • The Aboleth begins to attack the broodmother, who tries to convince the party to take the egg and run. She explains that the egg is special because, when hatched in black fire, will be able to breath black fire when it is born. She realizes that if the Cult of Black Fire has found their home, the egg is no longer safe here, especially because she isn't able to protect it.
  • Skippy begins to run, and finds that everyone who was waiting outside has been knocked unconscious. He attempts to prepare for an escape by looking through the skiffs, and finds a healing potion.
  • Meanwhile, the rest of the party attempts to fight the Aboleth and heal the broodmother, despite her protests and her urges for everyone to run.
  • The Aboleth charms Izuna, controlling his actions and using him as a source of healing.
  • After a long battle, the party manages to kill the Aboleth. Koto heals Izuna, the broodmother, and a few of the NPCs outside the cave (Shadow, the captain, Miles).
  • The broodmother calls the party courageous fools. Koto asks if she's still in danger, and she says that the Cult of Black Fire will probably be back to gain information about the egg and will eventually kill her. But she thanks them for the extra time she has with her children.
  • The party deliberates about what to do next...