The Hidden Owl

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A small two-story tavern that was turned into an adventuring company headquarters by Bedardoux. Located in Limsa Lominsa.

1F: Common Area & Kitchen

The half of the room closest to the entrance is a collecion of round tables and chairs, probably leftover from the days the building was a tavern. A wooden bar (now decorated with kitchen appliances, houseplants, cooking supplies, and smaller trinkents brought back by the adventuring company on their travels) splits the room in two. Behind the bar is a tall set of wooden shelves holding beverage glasses and kitchenware that hardly looks used anymore. The kitchen itself is behind the shelves, complete with a stove, fireplace, and plenty of counter space.

2F: Dormitory

The entire second floor is a dormitory containing 12 small bedrooms. A small common area of a table and chairs is in the center of the hall. One communal bathroom. One end of the hall leads to a wooden outdoor balcony with a seaside view.

Party can hang out here, allowing room for side quests and smaller party adventures.


  • Bedardoux's Room (locked)
  • Godrigeant's Room
  • Poponu's Room
  • Elsie's Room
  • Katalina's Room
  • Koto's Room
  • Goldyna's Room
  • Izuna's Room
  • Kikko's Room
  • Kyria's Room
  • Empty?
  • Empty?


The basement is lined with several long lines of shelves (almost like a library) containing all sorts of items from the adventuring company's travels. Most of the items are mundane, as the more valuable or powerful items are either sold or donated to scholars or museums.

The back wall of the basement is a giant locked storeroom.